The son works, comprehends

The son works, comprehends If children are guilty, the father circumvents only, a hint.

The son fought on the street.

The father will not begin to abuse it; but at dinner will tell that he heard: someone fought today: The father does not wait for the answer, penitential speeches.

The charge is sent, and in soul of the child there is an invisible work.

The son works, comprehends words of the father.

When to my small children prescribed bitter medicine, I the first swallowed of the whole spoon: it is not bitter at all!

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And it is possible

And it is possible It is possible to bring up to teach the child to selfrestraint.

It is possible to bring up being given on will of the child, conceding him to casual desires.

And it is possible to cultivate desires, to enrich them, to direct carefully and patiently, understanding their nature, having excluded from education even idea of restraint and selfrestraint.

Not against the nature to go and not to hope for a case, and to help the nature of the child to be shown with its best appearance.

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The woman

The woman The woman complains of the husband and only half a year as got married, elderly people, second marriage at everyone: with it it is impossible to live.

And he too criticizes you?

I ask.

As far as I know, my interlocutor is not deprived of shortcomings at all.

No, she speaks ingenuously, he very much loves me.

It seems to it that he loves it because it without shortcomings Actually he loves because loves accepts it such what it is But how?


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A ceiling

A ceiling In the test of spatial thinking of Hiski Nebraska I appeared on the top of a scale.

A ceiling of our dough it was told in the conclusion it is too low adequately to characterize its extraordinary abilities to spatial visualization.

It is necessary to notice, however, that in this test for performance of tasks unlimited time was allowed.

In Vudkoks test Johnson, my achievements in the section Spatial Perception regulated on time and demanding the bigger speed of answers were lower.

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Here and me in that

Here and me in that But care of the child demands such concentration and tension that not everyone stands him.

Behind all these viscous breakfasts, macaroni, collecting on walk the love is lost.

Here and me in that morning when the uncle Seryozha as if tore apart on part had to come.

The old, ancient, extra household love was revolted, everything shouted in me: Yes that this such?

The fiveyearold boy, my own son declares to me: I hate you and I have to love it?

And the new feeling which is gradually arising in me, still the weak, still compelled to defend itself, this new feeling helps me to look for an exit.

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